Mobile Patrols

To complement permanent security guards, or facilities where 24 hour manned guarding is not a necessity, AGS mobile patrols can be deployed as part of a broader, more complete security package. Infrastructure and assets need robust protection from theft, vandalism and trespass. AGS gives peace of mind to businesses that want to avert the inconvenience and considerable cost of repairing damage and replacing stolen goods.

Our team of experienced, SIA licensed mobile patrol staff deliver mobile security services as part of a dedicated 24 hour supervisory service. Mobile patrol teams can carry out routine or random checks at premises or sites to ensure assets are secure and prevent any criminal activity, and also provide key holding, lock and unlock services for commercial premises alarm response, as well as lone worker or accompanied visits services.

Our patrol vehicles carry are liveried and are clearly marked as Security Patrol Vehicles and act as an effective visual deterrent to criminals looking for their next opportunity.

The AGS mobile patrol service is designed to deliver efficient and tailored protection to minimise the risk of theft, damage or attack on your business, employees and assets.

Community Guard

Residential Security Services

Pressures on local police force budgets mean that neighbourhood patrols have been hugely scaled back. In Nottinghamshire, for example, a quarter of police community support officer posts have been cut and police stations and counters have been closed. Even where police forces do area patrols, they are inconsistent and rarely effective in acting as a deterrent for criminals.

We can support the police by providing the local neighbourhood with a constant and reassuring presence. As eyes and ears of the local area, our operatives can pick up useful intelligence for an investigation or – even better – deter crime from happening in the first place.

A report this year by Her Majesty’s Inspector of Constabulary concluded that officers were taken away from neighbourhood prevention duties up to half the time. Sir Tom Winsor, the chief inspector of constabulary says, “The probabilities of a police actually walking past a burglary in progress is pretty low.” That is why there is now an increasing demand for more regular and reliable security measures.

Community Guard

We offer a round-the-clock community patrol service. We operate a mix of foot and vehicle patrols in client areas. Our operatives are native or fluent English speakers and are former police officers or sometimes armed forces veterans with further security training. They are trained in community policing and each are equipped with wearable tech which includes cameras to record evidence.

Uniquely we engage with the community using information-sharing technology, approved by the police, which builds a profile of suspects. We liaise carefully with the police and combine resources where necessary to protect residents from criminal activity. While on patrol, our operatives undertake continuous engagement with the community which means that our patrols increasingly become intelligence-led.

Our operatives drive vehicles with bright police-type livery to act as a deterrent. They are equipped with GPS tracking so that residents can see when they have patrolled their area. They are also be kitted out with communications equipment so that they can respond quickly to alarms and calls from residents. They carry out regular and focused patrols led by local intelligence.

Your Trusted Partner

AGS Global is a signatory to a Code of Conduct recognised by the Police. You will be assigned an Account Manager who will regularly report on your teams’ outputs. We select all our operatives based on strict criteria. Each is highly diligent, responsive, friendly and sensitive to community concerns.

Stephen Beardsley

Managing Director

Stephen, a highly experienced International security professional, is the founder and Managing Director of Aurora Global Solutions.

Frank Catterall

Operations Director

Frank Catterall is a seasoned professional with a background in Policing and the Military.

John Smith

Finance & Administration Director

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Happy Customers

High Praise For Security Firm

Lindsay - Ruislip, Residential Security

In January 2016, my wife and I became responsible for a property in Great Holland, which became vacant following a family bereavement.

Empty properties are always vulnerable to attack by burglars, squatters and vandals, and we sought some means of security.

We were guided by a neighbour to Aurora Global Solutions (AGS), of Holland-on-Sea, to provide security and entered into a contract for the provision of regular visits to the property.

Having read critical reports online and in the press about AGS, I feel, in fairness, I should bring to the attention of your readers the high quality of service provided by the company

The property has now been sold and the services are no longer required, but I would have no hesitation in recommending this company to anyone seeking property security.

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